A Holiday Desination For All

Geraldton Western Australia, is a city and port in Western Australia located 424 kilometres north of Perth in the Mid West region. Geraldton has a population of 33,000 making it the fourth-largest city in Western Australia. The first European to explore the area was George Grey in 1839. A decade later the explorer Augustus Gregory travelled through the area. And discovered lead on the Murchison River and the mine which was subsequently established was named Geraldine after the Governor Charles Fitzgerald. The town of Geraldton was gazetted in 1850.

Geraldtons incredible location lends itself to a plethora of holiday activities, especially water sports. Surfing, fishing, diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and swimming are popular choices for the energetic while those looking to relax will love lazing around on the white sandy beaches, or strolling along its shorelines or wading in the turquoise shallow waters. Surfing is a popular activity in and around Geraldton. Popular surf spots include Flat Rocks, Back Beach, Greenough, Glenfield and Sunset Beach. Geraldton is also an internationally renowned windsurfing location. The most popular spot is Coronation Beach, located just north of the town. “Coro” is a spectacular port tack jumping site, with flat water on the inside and unhindered Indian Ocean rolling swell offshore. In the late afternoon, the wind swings a little more offshore and starboard tack waveriding becomes possible.

Geraldton Attractions available in the area. Geraldton hosts world-class natural attractions, including the nearby Abrolhos Islands, Chapman River, Ellendale Pool, Greenough River, Batavia Coast Marina, Diving, Fishing. Geraldton has a range of activities and attractions for young and old, some of Australia’s finest arts and crafts, tours and cruises, and much more.